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by Sex God Blueprint on December 28, 2012

Sex God Blueprint DownloadHave you ever wondered if a woman was secretly disappointed with you performance in bed?

If you were to ask 5 of your closest guy friends, it would probably sound like they’re all amazing lovers… but when you ask a group of women… most of them will tell you the average guy is horrible in bed Sex God Blueprint!

So what’s really going on here Sex God Blueprint?

Well we all know that many women fake orgasms to protect their mans ego. But because we all want to believe we’re “rocking her world” in bed… it’s so easy for us to believe it even when the signs point to the contrary.

3 Ways To Tell If She’s Faking It Sex God Blueprint:
  1. Dilating Pupils. It won’t be easy to notice if you’re always having sex in the dark but when the lights are on… tell her to look into your eyes as she reaches climax. If you really are giving her an orgasm, she’ll be happy to oblige and you’ll see the truth right away!
  2. Vaginal Contractions. Again, she cannot fake this so pay attention! When a woman orgasms, she’s going to contract anywhere from 3 to 10 times. The first few are going to feel so tight around you that it’ll be impossible to ignore. Then they begin to get less and less tight with everyone.
  3. Sexual Initiation. If she’s not initiating sex with you on a regular basis, she’s not satisfied.

She might be tired, stressed or even have a HUGE headache but the truth is if she knew you were going to make her feel incredible and give her one heart-pounding orgasm after another, she would want it even more because it gets her away from all those negative feelings and brings her to some AMAZING ones Sex God Blueprint!

that you were dating a gorgeous girl who you really liked and enjoyed spending time with but every time you had sex… she stopped while you were rock hard and just before you could orgasm.

What if this happened EVERY TIME you slept together…

How frustrated would you get if you knew she could never make you orgasm?

Would you stick around… or look for someone else who could satisfy you?

Well the same thing goes for a woman. They WANT and NEED sex just as much as we do.

But if all you’re doing is frustrating her by making her really horny and then stopping before she can reach a climax, she’ll get tired of being frustrated all the time and will eventually start looking for ways to avoid it.

She wont enjoy being frustrated and unsatisfied all the time so she’ll make excuses and initiate it less and less.

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